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Please call Tom Galgana 508-746-6016 or visit our webpage for more information on our Lobster Trap Side Heads.

Commercial Trap Supply www.commercialtrapsupply.com is a 20 year old company that manufactures different products for the commercial fishing industry.
Lobster Trap Side Heads. M.L.A. Member

Lobster Trap Side Heads Features:
No electrolysis for lobsters to detect.
Made of a tough, durable plastic and will hold up in extreme hot or cold weather conditions.
Cut-away rings to allow for 6, 7 and 8" entry, according to your preference.
Will fit in any size trap ranging from 1, 1 1/2 and 2" mesh.
No more rings, weaving of heads and time-consuming attachments.
No bothersome strings, hogrings or nails to deal with.
Head is devised for inshore and offshore fishing.
You can order heads in yellow or black. Other colors by special order.
All our product are made with U.V. stabilizer to protect them from the suns rays.
When storing your traps squirrels can't chew through the plastic heads. (Squirrel proof on land. Seal and shark proof when fishing.


Category:Fishing Gear
Product:Trap Heads

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